HOT MAMAS: How sex and motherhood are hot!

Woah! August was officially about sex and motherhood for me. Although the month has come to a close, it doesn't mean the topic has to. I have loved sharing more of my recent wisdom around sex and mamahood and how these two concepts can get along - if we let them!

So, here goes. A summary of what I shared with Mamas this month:

-At the RBWH Friends of the Birth Centre morning tea, I spoke about what libido is and how stress can be a libido inhibitor. We organically moved into conversation about the pelvic floor and recalibrating after having bubba

-At my newest seminar, Hot Mamas, I went deeper into how to see time differently, to make space for sex, to creating distinctions in certain aspects of life and we moved down into reconnecting to our pleasure pathways. The feedback was great and I am looking forward to sharing this one again! Here are some of the testimonials: 

I am beginning to understand the differences between my husbands’ approaches and mine. Realising how blocked I am to my sexuality and definitely how hard it is to receive pleasure. My main focus is on keeping everyone else happy and I forget myself constantly. Hopefully this will change! Liz

Attending Sexosophy was definitely an awakening. I never thought my sex life was dull but this opened my mind to sexuality as opposed to sex. Looking at a whole of life approach to sex and integrating it into everyday life. A fantastic evening looking at all aspects of females, arousal and sexuality. P.S. So pleased I have a beautiful word to call the female genitals to my daughter…yoni. Alisha

Tonight’s session was very empowering. It felt safe and it was refreshing to hear so many stories that reflected my own. Most of all, it was exciting to walk away with some real ideas and strategies that I can start incorporating immediately. I don’t feel broken anymore, I feel like I can go on my own journey. Willow

-Mariah Freya of Orgasmic Discourses and I had a blast chatting about Sex and Mamahood on Skype - this stellar woman holds a beautiful space for an interview and I ended up revealing more about my personal and professional takes on being a hot creator. Watch the link above to hear our chat about processing and progressing after birth and learn a bit more about my orgasmic energy changed - yew!

This is just the beginning. I am envisaging a HOT MAMA MOVEMENT! Where mamas shift into embracing their sexuality and making time and room for it post bubba rather than up. 

If you are a mama that is feeling disconnected, I am available for 1:1 work to facilitate you reclaiming your essence. Sex is what distinguishes our partnerships from our friendships and it deserves to have an important place in your life. 

Oh, and if you get really stuck, this is your new mantra - BEING A CREATOR IS HOT!

Lauren xo