LIBIDO: The cold hard truth about your crappy sex life


Enough is enough.

It’s time to speak woman to woman (without softening the edges).

You have a crappy sex life.

There, I said it.

I'd be angry/bored/frustrated/over it too.

What makes it crappy is this.

You are disinterested in sex.

You never initiate sex.

You say you have NO libido (not true but I’ll get to that later).

You place the responsibility of your sexual pleasure on to your partner.

You are disconnected during sex.

You think about doing the laundry during sex.

Your sexual space is cluttered, stale and UNsexual.

You have well-worn excuses for saying no to sex.

You focus on everything you don’t like about sex and have lost touch with what is GREAT about sex.

But not all hope is lost.

You can recover and source the ignited woman within.

She is there, she never left you.

It’s just that she went quiet. You told her to.

Your libido has been outsourced.

You arranged it this way so it could serve other functions (being the good girl, doing the right thing).


The truth is there is a way to get back to HER.

But you have to want it.

If you are ready to meet her again…I’m here to help.

Lauren xo