FEMALE ANATOMY: An ode to the clitoris

The clitoris is an internal and external pleasure trove! Misunderstood for centuries and even ignored, we now know more about the clitoris than ever before so I wanted to take this opportunity to review what sexologists have learnt thus far and why it is so important when it comes to desire, arousal and expression of female sexuality.

Firstly, your clitoris isn’t just a little hot button. What you are touching or seeing on the outside is the glans and shaft of your clitoris (yes, just like a penis). Underneath the surface, there is a beautiful wishbone like structure but this is a wishbone you don’t need to wish blindly on! It is responsible for the majority of female orgasms and sexual pleasure, namely when it becomes engorged and aroused.

Whilst the clitoris can be stimulated directly, there are other lesser known ways of accessing your internal clitoris without touching the glans. Two of the most common ways are by gently massaging the pubic mound that covers your pubic bone (especially when you do this close to the clitoral shaft with a slow, circular motion of your palm) and through the outer lips of the yoni as kneading these can assist access to the clitoral legs underneath. Juicy!

Clitoral quick facts:

-The clitoral glans has 8,000 nerve endings whilst the penis glans has 4,000!

-It is the only part of the human anatomy that exists solely for pleasure.

-It is generally more pleasurable for women to have the clitoris massaged through the hood rather than having the glans stimulated directly. This has been described as irritating or too sensitive.

-It becomes erect when swollen and often retracts inwards when high levels of arousal is reached.

-In the name of science (and pleasure) circa 1920's Marie Bonparte attempted to anatomically relocate her clitoris so that it received more direct stimulation with intercourse. Unfortunately, this experiment did not succeed in the way that she hypothesised and it is only in hindsight that we can see that we are all made a little differently and need to embrace our individuality.

-Any prolonged compression (think sitting in tight jeans and bicycle riding) or surgical intervention around the labia and clitoris can affect blood supply and arousal, leaving us in a potentially worse situation, so be careful and informed when it comes to your clitoral health.

Your clitoris is there to be befriended and adored. Get to know what it looks like, prefers and doesn’t prefer as exploration can create new pleasure opportunities. Being able to visualise your internal clitoris can assist with biofeedback in that its excitement and response can heighten your excitement and response!

Educating women and men about female sexual anatomy is one of my passions. To learn more about female sexuality and how we have been created, consider a sex coaching session or attendance to a Sexosophy seminar and begin to bloom.

Lauren xo