SELF-PLEASURE: Why is sex for one still taboo?

Our longest sexual relationship is with ourselves yet there is still a lot of shame and embarrassment around masturbation / self-pleasuring / self-sex. Maybe because we have had mixed responses: boredom, exhilaration, guilt, pleasure, release and disgust. But what if we knew more about self-pleasure and began to see it as part of the whole picture rather than a substitute for sex with another person?

Firstly, we need to make sure that this time is quality time rather than hasty stress relief or a means to get to sleep. When time, care and attention is given, we can truly self-love and get closer to feeling connected to the world. Setting aside 30-45 minutes to self-pleasure can mean that we slow things down and really begin to feel. If your bedroom is a place of contention or staleness, it might be time to change location and get some new energy with your new approach to self-pleasure.

There’s so much more to learn and discover. Your sexual journey is just beginning…

Lauren xo