ORGASM: Fast facts

Last week, I promised to share a bit more about orgasms so here I have summarised a few of the key points from last weeks Orgasms seminar:

-Ejaculation and orgasm are not the same thing…they are separate processes and experiences that we have come to pair together more often than not!

-How do you sneeze? A sneeze is comparable to an orgasm in that it is a brief moment in time where we lose consciousness and control so my advice is to become a BIG sneezer; make some noise and express rather than suppress.

-Orgasms are like a mixed bag of lollies – there are all different types! We can have orgasms in our mouth, phantom limbs, in our anus, skin and during birth. This is in addition to orgasms via our prostate/g-spot, vagina, clitoris, cervix and penis!

-A few things that can hold us back from orgasm is substances (including alcohol), fear and stress, lack of information, some medical conditions and hormonal states and medications

If you are a woman that would like to talk about your orgasm quality, frequency or absence, get in touch and to book a sex coaching session with me in person in Brisbane or via Skype in other Australian cities.

Lauren xo