LIBIDO: How hormones affect our sex drive

The delicate balance of our hormones and how they influence our sexuality, physical health and mental state has always fascinated me and now there are practitioners deciphering the mystery for us. I am loving WomanCode at the moment which is about eating for your cycle and hormones and I am having many a revelation and ‘Aha’ moments. BUT as a ManCode is yet to be released, I’ll talk in general about both the female and male bodies.

Did you know that having unstable blood sugar levels can go on to increase the stress response in your body, which lowers your sex drive? So getting your libido back isn’t just about lowering the triggers to stress but also eating in a consistent way to reduce the likelihood of adrenal stress (think sugar, alcohol and caffeine). Fatty foods scarily cause our liver to get backed up meaning that we don’t eliminate residual hormones as quickly as we should. For both men and women carrying extra weight and/or eating a diet comprised of unhealthy fats and high GI foods, there may be additional oestrogen floating around which can suppress our sex drive (and cause additional disruptions and side effects that affect our mood and body appearance).

This is a big topic that I predict will get a lot of limelight over the coming years. Never underestimate the power of food (and its effect on your sex drive)…

Lauren xo