GOING ON RETREAT: An investment in your sexual self

The notion of going on a retreat has become more popular as the years go by and is more accepted in the mainstream these days so I would like to take this opportunity to have a look at some of the benefits of going on a retreat or intensive before I go along as a participant myself for 11 days! 

It may not be all that tempting to use your annual leave for introspection or 'work' on yourself but going on a retreat can be a great investment in re-examining how you use your time and whether you are living a life that is true to you. It can be difficult to step outside of ourselves and look in when we are consistently operating in a mode that doesn't allow us this space. But give yourself 2 to 5 days and what is and isn't working for you suddenly becomes a lot clearer so that you can take those initial steps towards change. 

Here is an excerpt from my own experience of being on a retreat 2 years ago:

The retreat facilitated a process of reinventing ourselves and identifying the positive me in a way that destroyed the social expectations and conditioning that has thrived within me for so many years. In releasing what we had so tightly clung to, we healed and learnt to sit with the emotion and feel it in the present...I also learnt to give and serve, which brought beautiful, tender and unforgettable moments that shed some light on my future path.

I understand the fear, the apprehension, the notion that everyone there will be on the extreme esoteric side of life but chances are, if you find a retreat that speaks to you and have the courage to go along, you will encounter kindred spirits and likeminded people. All of the emotions that tell you not to take that step are generally the reason why you need to take that step or to be more specific:


Watch this space for more to come on the felt sense experience of being on a retreat and The Homecoming retreat that I am supporting on from July 25th to 27th, 2014. It is going to be juicy, rich and deep... 

Take care of yourselves whilst I reset the compass and get out into the big, wide world (that world that is inside of us).

Lauren xo