FEMALE SEXUALITY: New year, new Sexosophy

When the clock turned over to 2014, did you make a pledge to yourself or your partner that this would be the year that you address your sexual concerns? You know, those niggling worries that may go unnoticed for a while but then somehow reappear when sex is propositioned, causing a spiral of thinking that says “there is something wrong with me”. You soon see any sliver of hope flailing as your worry just sapped the chance of your libido emerging…

Or what about those times that your arousal is really high, everything is running along smoothly but orgasm and its release just never happens?

Or you have sexual energy but you just aren’t sure what to do with it. It is being channelled into people and approaches that don’t serve you well or show you respect but you just don’t know where else to put all that energy…

This is where a review of where you have been and where you would like to go can be just what you need. We all know how easy it is to think that a problem will just work itself out with time or that instructional book that is long and laborious will do just the trick.

Oh yeah, I have been there and done that with all sorts of personal concerns but what I tend to find is that hoping something goes away or magically works out just means that we are delaying the issue until it re-emerges like a volcano and the situation becomes dire. A solution may be wanted immediately but the approach that generates real results is a little more protracted.

Step in sex coaching – a personalised approach to your sexual history, present and future that provides you with the techniques, skills and insight to understand and work through sexual interactions that are awkward, numb, dissatisfying, unpleasant, concerning or just plain boring!

Sex isn’t necessarily something that we inherently know how to do although it is often classified this way and there are so many confusing and conflicting messages out there. As with anything in life, some fresh ideas, different techniques or an outsider perspective can do wonders for those times when we are used to status quo and don’t know what else to do.

As a qualified sexologist and counsellor that specialises in women’s sexuality, I can assist you to examine and release yourself from concerns such as:

·         Lack of sexual desire

·         Low sexual arousal

·         Orgasm difficulties

·         Painful sex

·         Communication and relationship conflicts

·         Body image issues, including guilt and shame

·         Sexual shutdown

·         Unwanted or negative sexual experiences

·         Resuming sex after giving birth

·         Coaching for sexual enhancement

There is fresh energy at the beginning of a new year and your sexuality has endless possibilities…if you tend to it and allow it the space to bloom. Your Sexosophy is your beliefs, principles and experiences around your sexuality and eroticism and whilst it may have been less than inspiring in years gone by, it doesn’t have to remain that way.

The only question left is, what do you want your Sexosophy to be in 2014?

Lauren xo