FEMALE ANATOMY: The diversity of appearance

It has been a HUGE week working on Sexosophy and networking with new friends and old. And whilst I have appreciated both the feminine and masculine energy I have encountered, I feel drawn to talk about women and our sexual bodies.

A few weeks ago, I caught a program on TV that wanted to look at the increased interest and uptake of labiaplasty, which is a voluntary cosmetic procedure undertaken to change the appearance of female genitalia. Whilst the quality of the program was questionable to me as a sexologist (the female host kept calling the vulva ‘a woman’s bits’), the image of a 20 year old woman having her perfectly abundant outer lips shortened made me ill. Teasing from her sister was behind the surgery. I am not sure what came of this woman, after the bleeding and six weeks of recovery but I wonder how much sexual pleasure she now experiences. The outer lips (or labia majora) are a source of sexual satisfaction and pleasure for woman and to have these altered comes across as a big step back in how women can own their natural body and their internal experience of sex. Before embarking on this drastic option, look at ways of sexual enhancement and acceptance that doesn’t involve permanent physical changes. All vulva’s, pussies and yoni’s are different – let’s embrace them in their diversity.

Lauren xo