YOUR SEX CHAKRA: The door to sexuality, creativity and sensuality

Befriending our chakras and knowing how they spin (or fail to spin) can take some introspection, conscious learning and adjustment. If you are at a point where you are curious about them and what their role is in how you live your day-to-day life, then this is a sound place to start. After a brief introduction, I'm going to cast a spotlight on the sacral, or sex chakra - an exciting, nourishing and juicy part of our energetic bodies!

In Sanskrit, the word chakra means wheel and the human body contains seven major chakras or energy vortexes that govern different physical, energetic, hormonal and psychic states in our body. In frantic, modern day life, chakras can easily become blocked, meaning that some facets of your being can remain stagnant and frustrating until you are able to breakthrough and access what it is that your body and soul really want. This could be anything from how you function in your community, relate to your partner, communicate your needs, express your sexuality or channel your masculine and feminine energy (both of which reside inside of you, regardless of gender or sex).

The sacral chakra is the second energy centre of our body that is represented by our sex glands, bladder, pelvis and lower abdomen. Although no one chakra is superior to another, this is a powerful centre that governs how we respond to and act towards sexuality, relationships, creativity, sensuality and even power. When our sacral chakra is blocked or misaligned, we can be faced with sexual difficulties, numbness, aversion or conversely, be enticing the dark and non-consensual side of sex. This is when power and sex are destructive bedfellows; being misused to and abuse to exert force over another.

When I first learnt of creativity and sexuality being closely intertwined, a number of pennies dropped as I cast my mind back to all of the sexuality that is depicted in art and the way that those who are creative channel sensuality, purely by the way that they hold themselves.

Yet when I dug even deeper, I had a revelation. A profound knowing as to how powerful creation and its opponent, destruction are. I wondered if, when we are in a state of feeling blocked, we default to destruction of our sexuality in order to prevent creation? Let me expand, what if sexual expression becomes so unfamiliar when we are in a state of low libido or disconnection that be reactively saying 'no' to any invitation to be sexual that we are subconsciously ameliorating or destroying our sexuality. If we keep neglecting or denying this important part of ourselves, then we can potentially observe a dwindling of our creativity, sensuality and healthy power. If we aren't fostering creation and expression, are we allowing destruction to be the driving force?

Whenever I see someone create new life, new work or new projects, I see a sexual being in their element. Granted, they may not be engaging in a traditional sex act but they are alive and exuding passion and that has far more parallels with sexuality than living in darkness. Or being alive but not really living at all. 

If you feel disconnected from your sexual anatomy and sensuality, then I invite you to consider sexuality coaching as a means of opening up your understanding of the universe of wisdom that your body contains. It is time to shift, open, discover and play.

Lauren xo