VLOG: The gratitude rebuttal

Beware the feather ruffler!! 

Why you don’t need to tap into gratitude all the time.

Here’s my issue with the current gratitude movement... 

I’m noticing that women are using gratitude as a cover-up. A cover-up to their genuine feelings that may be perceived to be negative or painful. Gratitude has moved into a type of deflection. In this era of authenticity, I find it amusing that so many aren’t giving themselves full permission to just feel whatever we are feeling whenever we are feeling it. There is this default to turn to gratitude whenever we feel something painful be it worthlessness, betrayal, rejection, shame or powerlessness – my issue with this is when those feeling states arise, the way that we can self-care in that moment is to fully feel what we are feeling and to not move into those defences and to use sickly sweet cover ups of reverting to what one is grateful for. There is a lot to be said for amplifying what is good in life when feeling distanced from good’s realm. But when we don’t acknowledge what we are feeling in the present moment, I don’t believe we ever truly process it. It just becomes a bigger pile within our bodies where we are tying to dump the pleasure and even the saccharine on top of the hurt. 

Watch this video to hear how I deal with pain so I can make room for gratitude (later).

Lauren xo