FEELINGS: The best question a client has ever asked me

I took a huge breath in when my nervous but willing client asked me a BIG question a few weeks ago. She seemed blocked and was trying to express what she meant with clarity. I guided her to close down her eyes and I asked her: What do you feel in your body right now?

She replied: What do you mean by 'what do you feel in your body' Lauren? I don't know what that means? (it's so endearing how she always uses my name in a question or comment. Awww). 

I took a breath and said: What I am asking you is what you feel beyond the physical. It probably won't be 'my shoulders need a massage' but more like I have a gripping sensation in my chest or a stabbing motion in my guts. We are going beyond the top layer into the deeper layers of your metaphysical body that often don't get a lot of attention because we often don't make the time to do this. It might be a colour, it might be a feeling, it might be a sensation. Whatever is there, or not there, is welcome...

She then, for the first time in her life, described what she felt through her chest and the colour of it. We went on to explore what it meant to HER. It was all around her heart and she saw green (the colour of the heart chakra). It was so beautiful and so touching. Her body wanted to speak and she was ready to listen.

What do you mean when you ask what do you feel in your body is the best question I have been asked because it is so simple yet we are so distant from this opportunity. I wouldn't have known what this meant before 5 years ago! But this question, guides me gently inward when I get stuck or lost or blocked or separated from sensation. Sexosophy's new byline: Making hippy shit relatable.

Lauren xo

*Photo credits to Laura Zalenga whose work I adore!*