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Created by Sexologist Lauren White, consider these Sexy Mantras a source of affirmation and inspiration for your inner femme power. Sexy Mantras fuel desire, arousal and sexual juice. They provocatively uplift, clarify and transform faraway notions into a sexy reality. 

The idea for Sexy Mantras came to me when I realised that women need something brief yet on point to tap into their sexuality. I'm all for the shortcuts and moving from your head into your body as quickly as possible so I wrote these Sexy Mantras to help you to do the same. I poured heaps of mojo into these captivating cards. They hit some really personal notes on the parts of female sexuality that women want to pivot and be drawn into. Sexy Mantras touch on that sweet spot where acceptance meets potential : there is nothing more you need to be but is there a side to you that wants to emerge? The part of you that dares to declare 'I am a sexual woman'.

There is a sexy woman in there ready to meet you.

Here's a sample of 4 of the Sexy Mantras :

:: How to use your Sexy Mantras Card Set ::

+Keep them nearby and enjoy a new piece of inspiration each day. All you need to do is flip the lid to create the perfect little art stand. 
+Be brave. Say them out LOUD. Repeat them. Speak the words of your Sexy Mantras in the mirror while you make eye contact with yourself. Take it to the next level and look your partner in the eye and say your Sexy Mantras for the ultimate acts of femme power.
+Keep your favourite Sexy Mantra by your bed and read it to yourself if you drop out of presence during sex. 

Crack your confidence code by owning these words. No one else can do it for you.

You are a sexual woman.

(Yew! Watch out WORLD!!)

Lauren xo

Sexologist @ Lauren White

Each Sexy Mantra Card Set contains 12 original cards on smooth matt 300gsm paper and secure casing.

Shipping is by Express Post and is only available for postage within Australia. 

Invest in your sexuality for only $24 + P&H.

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