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- THESE ARE THE CONCERNS I am best qualified to help -

Anxiety, shutdown and numbness with or about sex    

Sexless relationships

Not feeling present in sex  

Painful sex   

Problems speaking up in sex and life

Not feeling sexual after birth and in motherhood    

               Low libido and lack of sexual desire                     

                                                   Orgasm difficulties - alone and/or with a partner                                                    

     Feeling disconnected from your body and arousal      

            Feeling unconfident about sexual skills and variety               

how to work with me


It's an exciting time when you make the decision to open up, shed and let go. 

When you know it's a yes to get started working with me, I'll be here, ready and waiting.

But before we go jumping ahead, here's how it works:


the initial talk session

We start with a 90 minute initial session in my office in Brisbane or via Skype so that we can get to know each other, give you space to put a voice to your problems, allow for me to fully assess your concerns and together create a plan for what will work best for you moving forward. 

At the end of the initial talk session, we then decide as to how many more sessions you will need to ensure that you move from a place of feeling stuck, frustrated and closed off to being open, clear, decisive and above all, interested in sex. It is only in the commitment to a process that your intentions become your reality.

Here are the two package options you will be offered at the end of the initial talk session if you want to continue working with me (and I've got a strong feeling, you will...) 



You are going through a life have made a commitment to a partner you love but your libido is nowhere to be seen. Maybe getting married hasn't given you much bliss in the bedroom (why did you close down?) Or perhaps your newly single status has you thinking about what patterns you need to shed before you get into the next relationship - the one where you are determined to know and honour your sexual worth. 

The Discovery Package is best for women who want to:

+Receive some fast answers to the problem areas in their sex life and relationship

+Learn the basics of feeling sexually safe by reducing anxiety and apprehension

+Get an overview of their blocks (and some ideas how to dissolve them)

+Gently increasing the volume on their libido

+Learn some practical skills around touch

+Clearly communicate their most pressing concerns to their partner

+Know how to respond to future trouble spots

The Discovery Package establishes your next sexual chapter :  

3 x talk sessions of 1 hour


I have been empowered and given so much confidence. I feel like I’m a completely different person to the girl who started out just under 3 months ago. Every fear I had, has now vanished. I am far more confident in myself, in my body and in my relationship. Lauren’s magic is incredible.
— Annie, Brisbane



You have avoided sex for such a long time that you feel stuck as to how to even get it started. It's shrouded in awkwardness and you have lost your mojo and confidence (even though you love your partner). Perhaps it's reached the point where pain with sex has become unbearable and you are now ready to see what lies beyond it. There's this big part of you that feels restrained - in your body, in your voice, in your identity and you are willing to meet an edge to explore more of what lives inside you.

The Transformation Package is best for women who want to:

+Stop avoiding sex altogether and gently introduce or re-introduce it 

+Move beyond sexual pain into the waters of sexual pleasure 

+Own their sexuality rather than keep handing it over to someone else

+Create solid boundaries in intimacy, sex and daily life

+Be the woman who can source her desires and confidently speak to them through clear communication skills

+Feel completely at peace with being both a mother AND sexual

+Learn how to orgasm and bring more orgasmic sensation into their sexual experiences

The Transformation Package is your complete program to living as a red blooded woman. This is your arrival :  

6 x talk sessions of 1 hour


Thank you Lauren! The advice and knowledge from sex coaching sessions have enabled me to reconnect my mind and body. I have been able to rekindle the passion I used to have and want with my husband.
— Tammy, Adelaide


Initial talk session of 90 minutes :: $275 via PayPal

Discovery Package // 3 sessions x 60 mins :: $500 via EFT (+3% if paid via PayPal)

Transformation Package // 6 sessions x 60 mins :: $900 via EFT (+3% if paid via PayPal)


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Start by booking your initial talk session via my calendar link ::

2) I will then email you a PayPal invoice for your package. Payment is due within 48 hours of receipt. 

3) You will receive email confirmation of your payment, pre-session information and my specific location in Brisbane northside (Grange/Newmarket area) or Skype details.

4) You will receive an email reminder 24 hours before our session



Why not read a book or do a course instead?

People still cling to belief that ‘sexuality should be natural and spontaneous’ yet my personal and professional experience says otherwise. When we learn on our own, there are limitations as to how much we absorb because we struggle to see beyond our own perspective and it's hard to be accountable with behaviour change when you are trying to change something in private. Let's just say the success rate isn't great.

Embodying the sensuality and sex life you truly want is an investment – time, energy, funds and conscious effort. My process allows you to receive ongoing facilitation, immediate feedback and sexual enhancement through commitment to new practices that work in the present and for the future. I am here to provide you with an effective process for change within your sexual self, not a one-off experience or tick the box.


Who are sessions best suited to? Sexuality coaching is for you if you:

+Identify as a woman biologically and in gender

+Are doing this more for you than your relationship

+Feel ready to express, speak up and own all the parts of yourself

+Are saying yes to doing home exercises and instilling learning at home

+Are willing to talk about the patterns in your life

+Are able to be candid and honest


Sexuality coaching is not for you if you:

+Feel pressured by your partner to attend (and you don’t want to)

+If this is the ‘last hope’ for your relationship and you haven’t had couples counselling

+Are needing to process a history of sexual and personal trauma: this is best done with a clinical psychologist

+Are experiencing an active eating disorder (being malnourished will block any changes within your libido), psychiatric disorder that has relapsed and is currently unmanaged or are misusing drugs and alcohol in a way that is presently impacting your self-care, health and judgment.


Why do you only provide packages?

I believe in the power of commitment and that hard-to-come-by feeling that is generated when you see something through to its completion. With my sexuality coaching packages, you will receive a depth of focus and attention from me both in our sessions and life beyond. It is through our committed relationship together as coach and client that we collaborate in the spirit of womanhood, which will allow you to harness those sweet feelings of empowerment and liberation. Sounds good, right?


How far apart are sessions spaced?

It is most helpful to you if we have the second session within a week of the first session so that you feel like there is a sense of continuation after identifying your concerns and intentions in the initial talk session. The space between future sessions is most commonly 2-3 weeks depending on both of our schedules and your needs from sessions. If you have a completed a package and need further sessions, you will be quoted an hourly rate and a competitive rate for 3 sessions or more. 


What session times do you have available?

I am available for sessions with women in the Brisbane Northside (Grange/Newmarket area) office and offer Skype sessions for women that reside in other locations. 

Session times:   Wednesday 10am to 5pm // 7pm to 9pm

                            Friday 9am to 5pm

                            First and third Saturday of the month (excluding PH weekends) 9am to 12pm





Shit scared but in a good way?

(That's natural; it tells that you are looking in the right place!)

When you're ready, I'm ready.

I look forward to speaking and collaborating with you soon.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me using the form on the contact page.