podcast: UNBREAKABLE EP 12 - libido, motherhood and tending to our own fires

“My libidinous energy is fed when I am connecting with women, my partner
writing or doing something delicious. (I am) Giving myself permission to own that this is how my libido works”

From Nicole: Lauren White gives us permission. Permission to tend to the things that we love in the trust that the energy flows into every part of our life…….She says that it is one and the same as our sexuality and that lagging libido is not just about the bedroom. Lauren also gives us permission to change and be fluid. Let’s face it, this is what it is to be feminine.

I also share:
+ The libido crash and crazy hormones that made 2016 my bathroom floor year
+ Mother guilt – as I ask myself “Why aren’t I like those other mums just wanting to just spend time with my kids?”
+ How keeping my sexual flame alive is not a job segregated off into the bedroom
+ The best sex advice you could ever get – and my reason for not actually giving sex tips
+ How connecting with women is where I find my inspiration, guidance and reason for being
+ How marriage is changing and thankfully becoming less restrained and inflexible
+ And finally why speaking up is my biggest evolutionary challenge at the moment, and why it is so important for women

Listen HERE! on Nicole Mathieson's site or search for the Unbreakable podcast on iTunes.

Podcast: Sex and Motherhood

Mariah Freya and I had a blast chatting about Sex and Mamahood on Skype - this stellar woman holds a beautiful space for an interview and I ended up revealing more about my personal and professional takes on being a hot creator. Watch the link above to hear our chat about processing and progressing after birth and learn a bit more about my orgasmic energy changed - yew!


In this episode of The Roooar Podcast, Anna chats with Lauren and Jemma Bishop of the online sensuality boutique Chantilly Rouge. Together, we explore: 

  1. Rediscovering your sexuality when juggling biz & life
  2. Overcoming the stigma of having a business that is based on sexuality
  3. Should Facebook be more progressive when it comes to the industry?
  4. The common problems women face when it comes to their sexuality
  5. Ditching the shame & body image issues and
  6. Tips for getting out of the “I’m too tired” rut 

Podcast: Sex and your business

In this podcast with Empowering Her Business, I tell you the 4 aspects of your business that are enhanced when we have a healthy sex life.

  1. It enhances our intuition – we make clearer decisions about our business dreams and pathway
  2. It allows us to be more powerful – understanding our bodies and being comfortable in the bedroom unleashes our confidence in business.
  3. It nurtures our whole self – taking the time to nurture your inner being gives you a different perspective on life
  4. It fuels and balances our creativity – being creative with who you are and and where your creativity comes from is all part of our sexual drive as women.