Private Workshops and Hen's Parties by Lauren White are the ultimate way to celebrate your upcoming nuptials. I invite you to get a group of women together, relax, have some drinks and absorb pearls of sexual wisdom from qualified Sexologist Lauren White. Ask any or all of the questions you have been wanting to ask about sex in the comfort of friends. Gone are the days of tacky and tawdry visits to strippers and unexcited attendees that traipse around from pub to club. It's time for a quality experience that honours sexuality in a way that you will really remember it. With your individual requests, Lauren can tailor the evening's 2 hour talk to include:

+Fun trivia and little known facts about sex and the body

+Information on female sexual anatomy

+Orgasm and pleasure

+How to please your sexual partners

+Body confidence and acceptance guidance

+Current information on what sex toys and pleasure objects best enhance your sensations 

+Sex and intimacy in long-term relationships

+Tantra skills that focus on how to be present in sex

+What is going on for men when they desire and approach their female partners

You are such a valuable woman to every other woman out there! You make everyone feel so unbelievably comfortable and your knowledge is beyond helpful. It is beneficial and so true to what we all need to know. I can’t wait to talk to you again soon. Just, thank you.
— Alice, Hen's Party Brisbane 2016
I feel really liberated by the information you have given me. I feel slightly in the dark, only because I still feel like there is so much more to learn. I’ve really appreciated everything you’ve shown and want to learn more. I LOVED THIS SO MUCH.
— Katie, Hen's Party Brisbane 2016
I just wanted more! I felt closer to my friends and Lauren. Lauren is a wealth of knowledge. She is a facilitator to a discussion rather than a lecturer.
— Adrianna, Hen's Party Brisbane 2016
I really enjoyed feeling normalised. We all talk about sex but having you directed the conversation in a really positive way. I also really enjoyed hearing ‘what the boys are thinking’ to help make me feel at ease about situations. Most importantly, thanks for making a huge contribution to the bride and her night!
— Hannah, Hen's Party Brisbane 2016

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