Libido? What's that? I think I remember it. It's just that I've been so tied distracted by everything else I have to do. I work, I help, I caretake, I organise, I serve, I contribute, I co-ordinate, I negotiate and I initiate (no - not sex, everything else though!)

I know that spark is still there in me just... I don't know how to get to it. I'm in a loop. I don't want to feel depleted and un-sexy all the time but I am just so tired and am being pulled in so many directions. What I want to know is this: How can I want to want it??


Introducing Conversations : a LIVE webinar series that gives you the time and space to learn, ask and share wisdom around hot topics in female sexuality. Think everything you have ever wanted to know about your body, sexual skills, communication, touch and getting out of your head and into your arousal. We will talk love, libido and life and the ways that these can flow more readily and abundantly into your sex life. I ran Conversations as an in-person group workshop in Brisbane last year and now I want it to go global! All the women that attended still tell me almost a year later what a change it evoked in their feelings about their bodies and their intimate lives.


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The session will start with me speaking openly about the theme of the evening: a what, why, where, when, how of sorts of everything I have learnt about the female libido (I know A LOT so I'll talk fast but not too fast) I love to present information in a way that combines what the sex studies say and what I know conquers the sexual concerns of women from my vast experience teaching groups and walking alongside women in 1.1 sessions. I will then open up the (virtual) floor for questions and use participant’s responses to share more information by drawing on my field experience and sex geekery. Let's shed a light and speak directly to your concerns.

Attendance strongly encourages participation to make the sessions fresh, lively and relevant so bring your questions and a little bit of courage to type them up in the chat so I can answer them!


Coming to Conversations was the best decision I have made in my journey of self-discovery/empowerment/improvement. I have learnt some very valuable life lessons and skills that I hope to use and pass on to others who have felt the way I have and a rich, empowered, educated sex life is what I look forward to experiencing and it’s all thanks to you! Thank you for your gift of openness, warmth, intelligence and knowledge to myself and the group.
— Evie


Session 1: loving your libido // 13th February

Your body is primed for being sexual but you struggle to connect with your libido/drive/mojo. Where is it? There are times where you couldn’t be further from being interested in sex when it is propositioned. Perhaps you are dating but avoiding sex – it’s all too hard and you just aren't feeling it. If you are in a relationship, your partner wants you to initiate but you just feel...blocked. It doesn’t even enter your mind. All of that is about to change...

In this very rich session, you will learn:

+how NORMAL it is to not feel interested in sex - I'll explain why first up but we'll then turn it into what you can do to get to    how you want to feel

+what you need to tweak in your life to be able to have your libido humming on a higher volume (this is a simple process of      addition and maths but more sexy)

+mindset hacks that move your body from meh to mmm

+the necessary action you need to start for getting out of your head and into your body 

+my very own libido checklist for coming back to it when I go AWOL from it (hey, it happens!)


       The joy of feeling confident at Conversations: Confidence in 2017

       The joy of feeling confident at Conversations: Confidence in 2017

I initially booked the first class quite reluctantly and after attending, I felt inspired and wanted to learn more. I felt comfortable with the other women and knowing that I wasn’t alone in wanting to re-connect with my husband. Lauren made me feel confident and gave me hope that things could improve. I enjoyed all 3 Conversations classes and would happily recommend them to anyone requiring help. Wouldn’t hesitate to come to more. Thank you!
— Jacqui
                                                                       Speaking with the attendees at Conversations : Libido in 2017

                                                                       Speaking with the attendees at Conversations : Libido in 2017

Thank you Lauren. I forgot how important it was to be reminded why I need to feel confident. I will practice what you have taught me for myself. Not for others but for myself. I’m becoming more confident in doing this for me. Very exciting!
— Jeanie



Conversations: Loving your Libido is LIVE on Tuesday 13th February from 7pm to 830pm (AEST) 

Investment: $30 AUD until 7th February // $35 AUD 8th February until the webinar

(Never fret if you can't attend live, when you register you'll be sent the replay and you will have 5 days to watch it!)


Is Conversations right for me? 

In short, if you have gotten this far - YES! Conversations is an all-inclusive space for women who want to feel more confident and empowered when it comes to their sexuality and intimate lives. I have purposefully created the sessions so that the content is relevant for women in all stages and phases of life: mamas, women in long-term relationships, women that are dating, women under 30…we all have more in common than we do differences and Conversations acknowledges that.

Do I HAVE to contribute to the conversation when I attend?

No. Conversations is all about you feeling comfortable to absorb what you need. What I have found though is that when one woman raises her hand and speaks, a lot of other women start nodding their head too and speaking up. In short, we are co-creating and connecting - one of our primal needs that we sometimes don't have the space to express (so I'm holding it for you!). I promise that when you say something, another woman will be able to relate. As Regina Thomashauer declares in Pussy: A Reclamation - Together is the only way for any of us to hit our maximum potential, to live in the deepest corners of our dreams and desires. To step boldly into our radiance and inspire other women by being a model of turn-on. It’s the most wonderful construct: your desires will set me free, and mine will set you free.

Do you do any refunds or transfers?

Sorry (*bah-bow*) - no refunds or registration transfers.

Is this a webinar that is a funnel to sell me something else?

Nope! I have made this as a paid webinar because I am giving you the answers to your questions (and helping you to source them because that is #empowerment). I am not trying to sell another product or service at the end but you will be given a discount code for my online course Bedroom Basics and your introductory 1.1 session with me to say thank you for attending and committing to your libido. No sales - just quality info. How refreshing!

I can't wait to have the best conversation with you (that you have never had).

See you soon, Lauren xo